We are different, truly different.   

Toyota provides tailor made financial package for meeting with your requirements.

Toyota proudly introduces our innovative financial solutions with bringing the global experiences, which is called

Toyota In-house Financial Service (TIFS).

TIFS works with 3 major financial providers, each having unique specialisations to cater to all levels of customers. We do the work to compare their benefits to present to you clearly and fairly, then recommend the BEST option for you, with your best interest in mind.

With this TIFS, you can save not only your money but also, you can save your valuable time.

Toyota Authorized Dealers Sales Contact Contact no.
Lao Toyota Service Co., Ltd. (Thongkankam) Nilavanh
020 5554 7894
020 5557 6968
Lao Toyota Service Co., Ltd. (KM7) Maylisa
020 5554 7854
020 5554 7836
Toyota Tsusho Leasing (Lao) Co., Ltd. (Royal Square Office Tower Alounny 020 5554 7812

We are more than happy to assist you.

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