Date Place Dealers Contact No.
10-12 May 2018 Micky Garage (Opposite to Nahai fresh market) Pakgnuem District, Vientiane Lao Toyota Service (+856)20-22476999, (+856)21-253004
10-12 May 2018 Okey-Trading Km18 Company Naxaythong District, Vientiane Toyota Lao Thani (+856)21-453778, (+856)21-453787
23-25 May 2018 Spare Parts Shop (Mrs. Lar Aonsilar) Next to Chianthida Primary School Nguey Village, Paek District, Xiengkwang Province Toyota Lao Service (+856)20-22476999, (+856)21-253004
25-26 May 2018 Heytue's House (next to Paksan brodge) Paksan District, Borikhamxay Province Toyota Lao Thani (+856)21-453778, (+856)21-453787